• Rachel Stone

Why we do what we do

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

How many times has the mechanic, cable provider, and/or contractor said they would call you back or show up at a certain time only to not do so? How can an industry thrive when their customer service and communication skills are lacking? Maybe the public has just accepted that “this is just the way contractors are” or “they’re good at turning a wrench and don’t need to be good at working with people.”

The Stone Agency believes companies and organizations that focus on effective communication will always exceed expectations and set themselves apart from the “other guy.”

The world is a stage where communication is basically, well, everything! It is an elemental part of being human and one that is slowly being lost with the diffusion of technology in our daily lives. Generally, trades professionals lack training in communication and, in our experience, resist the concepts of communication and marketing in general. The trades industry workers are used to being in the background not getting noticed (This a great video illustrating this point: Ditch Diggers), and we believe they deserve to be celebrated.

The Stone Agency strives to be a place where trades workers are acknowledged for their skills, hard work, and for giving us a built environment. We want to create a space where they are comfortable to tell their stories and toot their own horn, so to speak. Our clear and comfortable approach will give you and your business a voice in this complicated, digital landscape.

Let us kindle your business's inner fire!


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